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ZADR45PROXR_USB and Icron USB Extender

I have an end user trying to use the ZADR45PROXR_USB board with an Icron USB Extender. The extender works with other devices, but although the board creates a virtual com port with the FTDI drivers with the extender, the board will not connect to the Com port. It can connect when directly connected to the board to the PC with a standard USB cable. Any suggestions as to why it won't connect? We've tried manually setting the Com port to the same as the board (115,200) without success.




Do the Rx and Tx LEDs on the USB module flash when you are sending data to the board?  Also the relay board has a data LED on the LED bar graph right next to the power LED, that should flash as well when the board receives data.  Are you seeing flashes on these LEDs when the software runs?

I apologize for the delayed response, we were closed last week.


Thanks, Travis. It may be a bit before we can test for that, as the weather is extremely cold where the unit is located, and we need to wait until it warms up a bit.


No problem.  I certainly understand.  It is miserably cold here as well.  Please let me know what you find.

Thank you,

Travis Elliott