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I am Eric Ellis with Ardmore Electric Supply, Inc.  We need to provide a 6 input/output 24v process to control lighting, horn, steam pump, and other misc for a historical train downtown.  They want to be able to remotely control each function at anytime day or night.  But, also be able to have a determined set for the horn to sound every hour on the hour during the day.  Would you be able to point us in the right direction for a compatible panel and/ or controls?



If you just need to program a board that will turn circuits on and off at different times of day then I would recommend this relay controller:


It has 8 on board relays.  You can program a schedule into the board which will turn the relays on and off.  The schedule can be set to hours, minutes, seconds, day of week, day of month, year, etc.

Please let me know if this sounds like what you are looking for or not.

Thank you,

Travis Elliott