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I PURCHASED FIVE (5) Timers, SKU: TLR120, several years ago for independent control of alarm bells AT five different buildings LOCATED ON one site. i now want to add another unit in a new building but, I also want to be able to wirelessly  control the timer from the main office building computer located approximately 1/4 mile distance away. What do I need in order to accomplish this task?


Hi Vic,

Do you have WiFi available in that remote building?  If so is it on the same LAN as the building where your control computer will be?


There is an antenna at the new building sending and receiving signals from a time clock to the server computer. This statement is from the IT guy.

The clock gets its time from the Domain Controller and the Domain Controller gets its time from NIST Internet Time servers. Wifi is only available in the office building.


Hi Vic,

You could purchase the TLR15 here with the optional 802.15.4 XBee Pro with external antenna option:


You will also need the optional 802.15.4 modem which will connect to the USB port of the computer being used to configure the time schedule in the board.  This will essentially allow you to wirelessly configure the relay board from the office building.

To get the 1/4 mile range you will need to make sure the antennas, both on the computer modem and the board, can see each other.  To do that you may need to mount the antennas to the roof.  These cables can be used to mount the included antenna further away from the board/modem:

RP-SMA Male/Female Antenna Extension Cable

If you have any questions on this please let me know.

Thank you Vic,

Travis Elliott


Hey Travis,

Thanks for this information! I am putting all of this together for a proposal to my customer and have traveled to the job location (a days journey to it and back) to see if I have "line of sight" between the two buildings. I will be back with you.

Vic Steele