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PR35-17 rev b overheats

I had to return a few rev. a boards about 5 months ago because of excessive overheating, well looks like the problem hasn't been fixed.  I just recieved another 3 of these with rev. B on the label.  2 of the 3 overheat within seconds.  I guess I'll return them too.  Hopefully you can get the quality issues sorted out, or this will be the last thing I buy from you.  Is it wrong parts again?  


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Actually the 3rd is overheating as well.  Just took a bit longer to notice. cry


Hi Lance,

Are you using an Electron or a Photon?

If you are using the Electron do you have the battery connected?

Is there anything connected to the I2C bus when it overheats?  If so what do you have connected there?

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Hi Travis, 

Thanks for the reply.

ya, I should have included more info, but I was frustrated.  

The reason I noticed it at first was the electron wasn't connecting to the particle cloud, so when I picked it up to reset it, it burned me.

I unplugged it immediatly and didn't check if the I²C port was getting power since I didn't want to damage my electron, or my $100 maxbotic range finder.

Overheating only takes a few seconds, and it's too hot to hold and hot enough to melt through a piece of electrical tape I had on it.

I can reproduce the overheating by just plugging in a known good electron with it's battery connected and nothing else (no antenna,  nor I²C peripherals, nor usb power). 


Hi Lance,

I wanted to let you know that we have not forgot about you, we have conducted some internal testing.  We will connect with you once our test results are complete.  As a side note, we have been able to replicate the problem you describe, and our design engineers are looking deeper into the problem, as to the cause.  We will be posting an update about this so that we can determine the best course of action.

Thank You,


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any updates?