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Mutipoint to Multipoint

I am looking for a solution that uses point to multipoint relay control as well as multipoint to point control. Here is an overview of what I am looking to do, please let me know if you have something that will accomplish it without having multiple systems.

I will have 4 boxes on the wall with 2 notification lights (2 relays). Those boxes should activate via contact closure at the \"control center\". Also at the control center will be a receiver for 6 or 8 points (remote buttons on walls). Those button presses should activate relays at the control center. The tie in here is that those remote button presses should hit the \"control center\", as well as trigger the relays on the notification boxes.

I also should mention that the control center could possibly be eliminated in the following scenario: Wall buttons are hardwired to the light/relay boxes. Button presses activate the relays on that box as well as the remote light/relay boxes and this would be repeated for each light/relay box.



Hi Justin,

We do not have an "off the shelf" solution that is perfect for that application.  However I did develop a custom product for a customer in the past which is very similar.  

His application consisted of 3 signs each with a button and a light.  If the button was pressed on any one of the signs it would turn that sign's light on as well as the lights on the other two signs.  It sounds like your system is pretty much the same except for the fact that you have 2 buttons and 2 lights per location.  We should be able to accomplish this without the central location requirement.

Will these "boxes" be installed in an area where they would all have access to a WiFi network or do they need to communicate with each other directly though long range wireless?

Thank you,

Travis Elliott