So is this controllable through the I²C interface on a raspberry pi?


Yes, all of the I²C products on ControlEverything.com are controllable through the I²C interface on the Raspberry Pi. We also have sheilds for the Pi which terminate the I²C terminals on the Pi to a pluggable connection here: https://www.controleverything.com/products?f[0]=field_assigned_categorie...


Do you need a sheild ( is the sheild a bi-directional logic level converter ) , or can I connect my 3.3v Raspberry Pi 3 - directly to say, the 5v

"OPCT16AL I²C Energy Monitoring Controller 4-Channel 70-Amp"

... ? 

( If I can connect it directly - will it have the same lifespan as if I use your sheild or a bi-directional logic level converter... ? 


it should be connected through the I2C shield.

its a 5V I2C. we use this because it increases the length of the I2C cable, better noise immunity and protects your Pi from any external I2C device damage .


Let me know if you have any other questions.