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How to enable ethernet port on OOET with Omega2+


I assume I'm doing something stupid but it is not obvious to me how to activate the ethernet port on the I2C/ethernet shield (OOET). I'm using an omega2+ and can use the i2c socket but the ethernet port appears dead...there are no link lights on the switch, no messages in the log, Do I need another adapter to make this functional? Do I need to install a specific pkg on the omega2+?

I have the ethernet shield from onion that plugs into the expansion dock and it works by default but I really like the form factor of the i2c/ethernet shield for my application.

Thanks in advance,




Omega does not support the Link LEDs, so thats why they are not blinking.

You will need to enable the ethernet on onion omega





Hi Bhaskar,

Thanks for the reply. FYI, when I used the ethernet shield from the onion site it did blink but maybe that's a difference in the boards and not really pertinent. As for enabling the ethernet, I have followed those instructions and have not had any luck. I actually ordered a new OOET to check to see if maybe I got a bad board so I will start from scratch and try again. 




OK...I am still not getting anything on the ethernet port. I factory reset my omega2+ and followed the link above (again). The wan (eth0) interface just not seem to be activating. As I said above, I'm sure I'm doing something stupid or missing a piece (hardware or a package/kernel mod) but I'm at a loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Derek