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6 Channel Offboard AC Current Monitor

 If I order the one of the IoT Boards...do the Qty 6 Offboard Sensors come with the Controller, or do I have to order them separately ? 


they come with the controller. 




Okay cool....thanks.  Next question relating to this same product..

I have 3 phase power connected to my home, and I've calculated that on a hot day with the Air Conditioning on, along with cooking or the hot water system, clothes dryer...etc we could draw anywhere up to 60 to 70AMPS on a single phase, but not necessarily across all phases at once.  Then during the cooler periods of the year and late at night, we would be lucky to consume 1 or 2 AMPS whilst we are all asleep.  Some phases may even be lower...especially connected to light circuits.  This being the case, I'm concerned that the "current sensors" working at such low levels (as pointed out in your documentation) could be substantially inaccurate .  What would be your recommendation here ?